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Thread: "Dr. Frankenstien, I presume?"

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    "Dr. Frankenstien, I presume?"

    How come this guys not my neighbor

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    that chap is an inspiration to me
    i discovered his website about a year ago and it has helped focus my personal goals outside of work. Due to his enlightenment i'm drawing up plans for a small extension and plan to build it myself. After that i want to build my own 'wrench monkeys' style bike when i have more space.
    It's nothing too flash but from small acorns....

    The Premise:

    * Life is short.
    * There is lots to do.

    The Process:

    * Shoot your TV!
    * Do Stuff! Bonus points for using power tools.
    * If you screw up while Doing Stuff, make sure to screw up spectacularly, followed by Full Public Disclosure. Expect abuse to follow.
    * In the unlikely event that you do not screw up while Doing Stuff, at least get some good stories out of the experience.

    The Payoff:

    It will be worth it in the end.

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