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Thread: Dyno'd results with "Hooked" Air box

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    Dyno'd results with "Hooked" Air box

    Hi folks, Received my Hooked Airbox yesterday and fitted it last night. Fit and finish is A1

    Decided to go over to Quill Exhaust/ JB Racing in leigh to see how my 2000 RSV Mille was running with this fitted and a Laser race can.

    The image below is my run, note the AF Ratio is way too rich. I will sort that with a Dr Rossi chip and a power commander. I would expect around 2 -5 BHP extra once the fuelling is correct.

    Just look at the torque increase? And the sound..........Unbelievable.

    We also compared my bike to a w reg standard machine to see a good comparison of the airbox with and wothout. Image below mines in red standard bike in green.

    All i can say is a big thanks to Craig and if you have not got one of these kits you dont know what you are missing. Cheers
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    Why a PCIII when you are also getting another Eprom? Personally I never felt the need for a PCIII afterI fitted a decent Eprom. (well actually I wanted to buy a PCIII but just because there was nothing else left to change on my bike... )

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    Im under the impression the EPROM wil come with as good a match to my bike as possible, then i can fine tune the whole set up with the PC3?

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    pc3 is the last thing you need to finely tune the fuelling as much as possible to your set-up,a good ep-rom gets it near as but obviously every bike is slightly different

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