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Thread: Where do you get your spares from???

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    Where do you get your spares from???

    As it says in the title where do you folk get your spare parts from. I know there are plenty of places to get genuine parts at full Aprilia prices but where are the discount or pattern parts sourced from. I need a few bits including a fuel filter etc. Any suggestions. I used to use the very helpful Wemoto for my Jap bike spares but they dont do many Ape parts. Obviously Id like them to do mail order, preferably online.

    Cant believe Im posting at 7.30 am !!!

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    Wemoto stock Aprilia parts, although they may be limited.

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    Griff can supply a lot of bits.
    If you're looking for 2nd hand parts there are a couple of websites who will circulate your requirements to breakers which saves a lot of legwork (I spent weeks searching e bay for a clip on, found one in 30 mins using this system).

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    I'd go to Griff first but I've also had good service from Speedaway Motorcycles - not everyone swears by them (instead of at them) though.
    The trick is to phone round and find someone who has what you need in stock. If you place an order and then wait for it to come from Italy you might as well hand-craft the part from cast iron using a stone axe head - it'll be quicker!

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