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Thread: She's alive!!!!

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    She's alive!!!!

    Wahoo, after more than 2 years of being locked away my mille had its first start up this morning. Just thought I'd share my excitement. Cant beat that growl canya? well I did start it up without the silencer. Wife wasn't as pleased as I was mind. Haha. All I need now is some good weather.

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    2 years

    Why so long Evzee?

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    Finances mainly, after getting married and then lad came along. Poor mille just kept getting further down list. 2 years October gone, was last time she was heard purring. Taken me a few weeks to work out what needed changing. New battery, solenoid, diodes, bit of re-wireing and cleaning. I knicked link pipes for car project last year so gotta weld up new one and she'll be ready for mot. I'd ride it all the time without silencer if I could get away with it. Closest sound you'll ever hear to motogp monster.

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