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Thread: Installing New Ignition

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    Installing New Ignition

    Any suggestions on the easiest way to do this and how to get that headless screw out

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    think it was mentioned over on RSVR.NET ...cut a slot in it with a hacksaw and then use a screw need to strip the front fairing off...sounds fiddly as i have to do the same thing to recover a snapped key out of the barrel

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    ive had to do this a few times its a little tricky but as mark says there is a few methods that can be succesful doin this!!
    another trick is using a small hammerand a centre punch and tap the domed head round until it comes loose enough to wind out by hand!

    or you can cut a slot into it with a not 100 % sure but im sure sme of them had the bolts recessed which does make life a little trickier!!

    not impossible though dude!! good luck!!

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    I've got the whole thing stripped down. I'm almost finished the rebuild but I can't find the key. I got two new keys, ignition, rear lock and gas cap from Timebikemachines on ebay. All I need now is a new tip over sensor and the banjo bolts for the fuel line I just ordered.

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