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Thread: Oil Tank Fix ??

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    Oil Tank Fix ??

    Hi there,

    One of the rear brackets on the stainless steel oil tank has got a hairline crack where it is welded to the tank and the oil is very slowly seeping out. Before I take it off I would like to give the guy who is going to fix it some info on the type of metal.....does anyone know the grade and thickness of the stainless-steel and best method to fix


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    It will be 308 or 316 stainless steel -1.2 mm thick , Easy to fix if you know how to weld . Empty oil & flush out so it is clean , don't use flamable liquid to clean as this will be a very good way to blowing yourself up when you start to weld on it . Block outlets & then put a Argon purging gas hose into the tank so it will have a gas purge in side once welding then carefully tig weld it up using 308 or 316 wire 1.2mm wire would be best at around 20- 30amps

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