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Thread: Running issue

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    Running issue

    Hi there I'm a newbie so be gentle lol
    I have just bought a 1999 rsv Mille with 19,000 drove 200 miles in the worst weather it rained all the way was not nice at all when I filled up with fuel and closed the cap i noticed fuel leaking from it.when I got home totally sopping wet the bike started to cut out every time I stoped I put it in the garage when I started it this morning the bike would not tick over so I had to use a little choke to keep it from cutting out but now when you open the throttle it won't accelerate it pops fart and splutters if you teas the throttle slowly it will accelerate could there be water in fuel from the cap not sealing I don't know what to do so if you can help that would be great

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    It's a possible !!

    But when u say it was leaking fuel ? Were from the cap ?

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    Hi it was leaking from around the fuel cap it's like the rubber ring around it has worn.dose any one know the part number for this rubber ?

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    drain the tank down, put in fresh fuel and try again. could also be a plug/ lead problem so have a look while you have the tank up.

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