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Thread: Gilles rearsets help please

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    Gilles rearsets help please

    I have a Tuono R (yep..I know I'm on the wrong forum) and I've just fitted Gilles rearsets....the brake side. Easy enough to do...a little fiddly, but easy enough...
    Anyway...a few questions please...
    Firstly, the push rod free play...I've left about one and a half this considered enough?
    and secondly...where the fuck do you mount the resevoir? I'm considering just shortening the supply hose, drilling the heel plate and mounting it on the reverse. What are your thoughts on this? Where's the normal location I wonder?

    If any of you guys have a pic you could put up..I'd really REALLY appreciate it


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    If they are the same as the version i had with M/C relocation then there is a black arm that runs up from the rearset to mount the Res on.

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    Them's the ones! Cheers Spoonz.....I found the adaptor that mounts on top of the m/c last had fallen out of the box (doh!)

    Mrs Tifa found it on the floor and was just about to bin it when I noticed what she had...nnNNnooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooOOO!!!

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