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Thread: Steering damper Group buy

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    Steering damper Group buy

    I am going to to do a group buy for some FG Gubellini steering dampers, the prices will be as below:

    Retail including fork clamp 287.

    For 5 or less


    For over 5


    Include the steering damper, fork bracket, bolts and holder to fit the damper on the bike. Steering damper body totally formed from the solid in anodised and polished Ergal, with a floating cylinder inside which completely separates the oil from the expansion chamber.


    . Micrometric adjustment for calibrating the hydraulic damping by means of a 28-click knob on the side of the reservoir.
    . Anodised knob in six colours, Black, Blue, Silver, Gold, Red and Green.
    . Bolts in steel. Ball joint in AL7075 alloy, with ball in chromed steel/PTFE/steel.
    . Clamping ring in Ergal with ball in chromed steel/PTFE/steel.
    . Rod in high-strength steel alloy with hard chrome plating.

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