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Thread: hi guys

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    hi guys

    right guys just thought ad join up on the passing have joined a number of sites as owners club info is better than haynes

    but anyway may as well tell yous a bit about myself jamie from airdrie scotland 22 like to buy ,sell, ride, chop and break bikes basically only ever drove 4rs but took the tl in the pic below out today for the first time and started searching for other twins etc and really like what yous are doing on here

    so although i dont have an aprillia at the moment i do have a fair few other projects on the go so heres some pics

    as you can imagine im relativly busy lol so its nice to be able to ask others about info etc and maybe help out folk looking for parts etc

    btw incase your wondering every project pictured abouv is ongoin at this very moment
    (king of the unfinished project)

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    Hi m8 welcome

    Once you have tried a twin it always has a place in your heart.

    Some interesting projects you've got going on there m8 and youve got steptoe's van too

    Cant be many mk1 tranny's still driving

    Your neighbors must love you though

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    the transit is also a project bought it that blue coulor looked good but on closer inspection the whole inner body is rotton 4 days of welding has almost got one inner wing done lol its going the same colour as the carpi in the pic with a scorpio 24v cosworth in it should be a handfull , pics make the place lok worse than is. was during a clean up that i took most of em hence why its so bloomin messy

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    ay jamie you wona TL how mine suit ya

    check out TLZONE.NET

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    Hi Jamie.... Nice engine there

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    North Devon
    Thats my kind of garden. How does your Mrs hang the washing out though?

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    its scotland so the wirly gig is just for show rains all the time

    the engine in the capri is a stage 4 3.1 v6 wont be mega fast by todays standerd but fast for what it is , also waiting till i get most other things finished and sold to release some funds to get triple webbers for it

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