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Thread: Aprilia rsv1000R tank sticker - meaning?

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    Aprilia rsv1000R tank sticker - meaning?

    Hi everyone,
    I have now brought my 2nd Artic White RSV1000R and this one has a sticker on the tank that says

    Aprilia World Champions 27"

    My last RSV was a 2009 but it did not have this sticker on the tank but this one is a 2008 and I was wandering does anybody have any information about the meaning ie:

    Which Championship?.
    Which Rider?

    I cannot find anything on the web.

    Thanks for your help


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    27 times world champions

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    27 times world champs? maybe in 125 and 250 cc. even those are only 16 times manufacturer and 17 times driver champs. nothing on a liter bike till 2010. see
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    Yep 125 and 250 champions, and now the thou.

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