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Thread: Parts Please

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    Parts Please

    I have a friend, yeah I know, but this time it really is a friend and not me. He layed his bike down and is now looking for parts to put the pieces back together. I'm doing the work and just thought I would reach out to the community and ask if some of the parts are stuck in a corner somewhere and might want to find a new home.

    The bike:
    2001 RSV Mille se (I think)

    The list:
    Brake lever (complete)
    Clutch lever (just the lever)
    Fairing bolts (as many as one could spare)
    Rear sproket (good stock) I know some of us re-gear

    He said he knows a guy to do the fairing repair work, and my labor is resonable (Diet DR Pepper) so i'm hoping to have him back on the road by April 1. Payment and shipping is not a problem, this can be worked out.

    Thanks for looking and hope to hear from one or some soon.


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    rear sprocket costs new something like 25 GBP. ebay is your friend...

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    If a rear sprocket off a 2004 fits, I've got one you can have. Call it a fiver to cover the postage and it's yours. PM me if you want it.

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