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Thread: front brake light switch

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    front brake light switch

    hi everyone, im a newbie so please be gentle
    any way i bought an rsvr on a 08 plate yesterday and on the way home my girlfriend said the brake light wasn't working, on closer inspection the light was working but it was stuck on, the problem is the switch on the lever, is missing the little spring. does anyone know how much it is to replace the switch?

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    not sure mate, you could probably find one on ebay second hand ? if i had to guess a price of a new one maybe 20?? could you dig a spring out of somewhere and try and replace it ? (but i suppose it is tiny so thats a long shot) Also, if you dont mind losing the bleed nipple on your master cylinder banjo bolt, you could fit a pressure switch in the brake line. found these are a super alternative to the standard switches and very reliable.

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