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Thread: Steering Damper ????

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    Steering Damper ????

    I recently got an 07 RSV r haven't really had time or weather to ride it yet just wondered if anyone has an opinion on weather or not to get a steering damper as this model doesn't have one standard and the factory does. What you reckon.

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    Have a go on it m8 see wot you think , it doesn't hurt to have one when you get a bit carried away better to be safe than sorry eh....

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    If you ride flat out on twisty back roads a damper is a good thing to have! my factory starts to tank slap now and again when nailing it on bumpy back roads and the damper makes it stable pretty quick!

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    As big bazz says, it all depends how hard you push your bike ... if you just do a gentle 30 miles every other wkend then i'd say no. if you tend to get a little carried away every wkend then yes, definately a worthwhile investment. on track - a must i think !

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