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Thread: Fork service!

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    Fork service!

    I am going to replace the oil seal ring in my front forks. I need the data for oil capacity etc.

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    you will need a litre plus as each leg is 520ml approx

    DO NOT use oil quantity to measure the level, YOU MUST use the air gap method which is accurate.
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    what is the air gap?

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    When the fork is fully compressed with the damper rod, spring, top and bottom spring seats and spacer removed and the air bled out of the oil....the oil level is measured from the edge of the upper tube to the 'oil level' in the stanchion(bottom tube)
    It is specified to be 118mm +/- 2mm. But there is lots of debate on this subject as regards to springs in or out when measuring oil level and the actual measurement itself.

    I've recently done mine on a 02 mille showa fork and it has transformed them.

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    Or you could just put 500ml in each and take it from there!. Thats what Ive done the last couple of services.( I did measure the air gap and this equaled 500ml per leg the first time I did it.)

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