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Thread: Anyone got metzeler m5 fitted ?

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    Anyone got metzeler m5 fitted ?

    If so, whats ya verdict.... grip...tyre life etc

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    Ave got the m3s but tyreman says the m5s are the bomb ,twice the tyre of the 3 so maybe worth a go.......

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    Hi. I have m5's fitted since oct 10. I like them. been right over on them and they stick well, rain grip seems ok also. i used it for work the other week in -3 temps and didnt slip, i did take it easy as you would though.

    Wear levels seems to be ok also.

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    Hi,I have them fitted since July 2010 and have about 6000km on them now.The tyre is perfect in every contition I haven't tested in rain because where i live rain occurs rarely.They warm up very fast and have good behavior on track also.For normal road use where grip is not as perfect as in track they stick better than race tyres such as supercorsa,racetec,D211.

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    4000k out of the rear & 6000k's front .... Great feed back from the front & hooked up well under extreme cornering under power was well impressed with these .
    Tested these for a shop here so they had some feed back to sell them , but mileage isn't going to their strong selling point for me . Run Corsa Rosso's now these are by far the bench mark for any tyre out there .

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