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Thread: PC and Rossi chip

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    PC and Rossi chip

    Hey, i"m on the look out for a pc and rossi chip for my 99 millie,i have just derestricted it and added a beowolf can which sounds awsome made all the hair stand up on the back of my neck and a huge smile on my face which has just started to fade since 10 this morning , i have ordered new sprockets and chain from mark at extreme performance 16t front and 43t rear, i got all the info from reading from this site as i am new to this awsome piece of machinery and very much in love with her any info on where i can get these from would be very welcomed along with any other info cheers guys

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    Hi mate welcome to the site. The Dr Rossi chips should be available direct from the man himself on here, just send him a pm ...
    As for the pc, if no one posts on here that they have one for sale you could try the for sale section or failing that, ebay is usually awash with rsv parts.
    other info hmmm, sort out the starting/charging problems (battery, starter solenoid + brown plug mod), keep her serviced and enjoy it
    happy riding

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