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Thread: Update/Mods to my RSVR Factory

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    Update/Mods to my RSVR Factory

    Been a while since i've posted some of the work i've done on my Factory so here goes, Started off as a completely stock 06 plate Factory, so first thing was a trip to Southern Cross to get it put on the latest map and then switched over to Map 2. Once this was done I also had the suspension setup for my weight.

    I managed to source a pair of Akra's on the cheap, (230 notes!!! Absolute steal imo!)
    Other mods include:
    Hel Braided front hoses (2 straight lines)
    Swapped the naff Sunstar Discs for Brembo jobbies
    Replaced the Rear footpegs for the aprilia exhaust hangers
    Added some Pazzo replica's
    And a naughty plate

    At this point I was on the look out for some cheap track fairings, nothing fancy really just wanted to keep my road fairings mint etc. Managed to find a set so whacked them on just after booking up Brands (in a couple of weeks)

    Also put some Racetec Interact rubber on, along with some more Brembo 996 Discs (the previous ones I had turned out to be warped! so sent those back)

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    looking sweet V nice raven R1 there too I see - yours? looks like an 08 - I have a soft spot in me heart for R1s, think my next bike will be a cross plane R1


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    Wondered why the plastics change for trackdays since the bike had touring tyres....then spotted the racetecs....looks well...brake lines look a tag too long though

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