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Thread: Collection in honour of Eric aka 'Dynamo'

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    Collection in honour of Eric aka 'Dynamo'

    I did something similar for rsv-ace’s family when he sadly passed away last year. Raised a decent amount of money for his wife & kids to use in whatever way they saw fit at a very tough time.

    I only met Eric the once but he was a top guy, with a great personality & like all of us had a passion for riding motorcycles. Thought it would be a nice gesture to have a collection in his honour. All proceeds will be passed on to his wife Linsey to use as she sees fit, whether for the Depression Alliance Scotland or to spoil herself at this tough time?

    If you would like to add to the collection please send your donation as a gift via PayPal using

    Can you please include you forum name in the notes section of PayPal. I will not promote who has given what & when but I will keep a list of all forum donators & will publish a list of names on this thread at the end of the collection. Cut of point of the collection will be Sunday 17th April as I will pass funds over to Linsey on Monday 18th April.

    Cheers, Robbo

    NB. I am not connected in any way to the family, I’d just like to think that within this great fraternity we have, if something like this happened to me or others someone may just want to do the same for us?
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    No one

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    Hi tuono robbo, can you pm me. cheers m8

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    Just giving this a bumpty bump for the last few days in case theirs any last minute donations!

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    Big thanks to the following forum members for your generous donations

    Dave B
    Keith B

    It has been suggested that I pass the collection over to the Depression Alliance Scotland on Ericís behalf, which I shall do in due course. Thanks again, Robbo.

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