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Thread: What am I doing wrong!?

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    What am I doing wrong!?

    I have followed the instructions, old and new, to the letter when it comes to bleeding the rear brake but everything I have done has failed. I followed the thread on this forum regards the new procedure of bleeding and still nothing. To say that it has left me confused and hacked off is an understatement. I gave reverse bleeding a go but the brake fluid simply wouldn't go in.

    The rear brake lever just freely moves up and down with no resistance at all (apart from the spring). It almost as if there is something blocking the whole system.

    Have I just cocked up the process somehow despite following the instructions carefully or does it sound as though there is a problem somewhere, if it isn't me?

    Any tips would be nice, it'll save my sanity at the very least.

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    Hi mate, in my opinion, bleed using the normal procedure, pump up, brake pedal down, undo bleeder, tighten bleeder, pump again, follow same procedure until pedal has resistance, (you have air in your system), the rear brake on these bikes is shite anyway, myself and another member on the forum have just bled mine, I now have a good rear back brake but to achieve this I have bled using normal procedure, then what I do is force my brake lever down as far as it will go then wedge a spanner between the pedal and the heel guard to keep the pedal down, some people use a weight, I do this every time I come in after a ride out and leave it that way until I go out on the bike again, believe me this works, pedal is solid, I will post a pic later if required,

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    bleeding is done easiest with two people, if you are on your own remove the lever return spring and then instead of holding the lever down you can hang something from it.

    as i've said in another post having the bleed nipple facing upwards will make bleeding much easier, having it above the resevoir is even better.

    with the nipple closed pump the lever quickly 5 or 6 times and hold it down on the last pump
    with it held down open the nipple wait a few seconds, then tighten the nipple.
    repeat this until you start to feel pressure on the lever then only do one pump between opening the nipple.

    you could hang the caliper above the resevoir over night as you probably have air in the master cylinder, this way any fluid in the caliper or brake line will drain downwards and the air will rise.

    i have an 02 R and my rear brake works, i dont use any fancy pipes or pumps oor containers just clear plastic pipe (its clear so i can see the bubbles) and an old jam jar.

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