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Thread: Oil change on 2007 RSV - what filter, other parts and what oil?

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    Oil change on 2007 RSV - what filter, other parts and what oil?


    I need to do a bit of a home service on the old girl before I head off to Austria next month. Only doing an oil change and general check of pads etc. Not done an oil change on the RSV before, and talking to a useless dealer on Saturday, I found that there are 2 sizes of oil filter.

    As this is an 2007 model, is there a correlation between the model year and size of filter? Or is it a random thing?

    Also, can you please advise what other parts I need to think about (any seals or anything like that) before I start stripping her down?

    I guess that semi-synthetic is the best oil as I understand that fully synthetic are not recommended?

    Thanks for help.

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    Your bike will have the longer of the filters, I can do you 4L of Motul 5100 15-50 semi synth for 29 delivered inc filter, pm me if you are interested and I will sort it out.


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    If you intend to do this yourself, here is a free download website that will help you with your oil change. Some equipment may be different than yours, (and mine), but the oil change process is the same. It is in the "Workshop manual". Cheers!

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    is 4L enough on an 07 bike? my 02 takes about 4 1/2

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