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Thread: Problem with Regulator / Rectifier

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    Whilst I was adding to the water breather post I found this post about burnt stator that I had also added to. Thought I would add to it again just to say that the system is still working fine. Been all over Europe dozens of times now in the last couple of years. Think I have put about 20,000miles on the bike since doing the mod. Been caught out in the worst wet weather imaginable. Mainly in Italy on a number of occasions and the bike has never missed a beat. Battery has never gone flat and I have no charging problems at all.

    If anything you can actually see and monitor how your battery is doing. You can actually see when the compufire is shutting off the circuit on you dashboards voltage meter. If you have a high reading when the bike is running like 14.2+volts then you know that the battery is on charge and the circuit is closed. If when you get a few miles down the road and the battery is charged you will see the voltage drop as the circuit becomes open and the battery isn't receiving any current. I don't fully understand the internal workings of the campfire yet but to be fair I'm not that bothered. It works and the mod I did to the stator windings works too.

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    New Voltage Regulator Rectifier for 760cc Polaris 800 RZR 2011 2014 | eBay

    Replaces these part numbers:
    POLARIS 4012941

    does this is the new sh775?

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    How has this been working? Time for another update. I mean, 20k miles was pretty good already, but I'm curious of it's made it much more.

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