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Thread: Good Deal???

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    Good Deal???

    Ok guys finally got my bike today only 7 hours of driving but its back home with me. I took it for a little ride and by gosh I am already in love. I forgot how much v-twins rock on the low end. I have to say I was decieving myself with just the bare numbers online compared to the japanese bikes. No way it compares. Anyways I will post pics here in about 2 days.

    SO how good of a deal did I get. The bike is a 2002 RSV Mille R, that has the factory akrapovic dual exhaust, a power commander 3, frame sliders, and fork sliders. I also got a battery tender and a rear stand in the deal. Oh and the bike has just shy of 9,600 miles. Oh and I dont know if they came stock but the bike has braided steel brake line all around. (sorry still learning about the bike)

    I bought it for US $5,700.00

    Did I do good or just so,so?

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    Well i can`t comment on Dollar price, but in the UK i think that would be an excellent deal, under 3k is very good i think! i paid more for a 2001 with 19k on it, and no extras.



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    Well at the currecnt exchange rate that's 2831. In the UK you'd be paying around 4000 for that bike and extras, so looks to be top deal to me

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    You got an EXCELLENT buy!!. One of the other gents will have to tell you if the braided lines are standard. I think the were, on the RSVR, for U.S. bikes, but not for the RSV.
    I love my 2000 RSVR! Keep up the regular maintenence and you'll have many miles of smiles to look forward to.
    Mine happens to be the "Fast Black" with Red trim, unfortunately, the bike is much faster than I am, but I'm learning and having a BLAST!!

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