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Thread: Looking at buying an '01 RSV

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    Looking at buying an '01 RSV

    I'm completely new to the world of Aprillias but I do quite like the look of the earlier bikes and the prices seem to be reasonable these days so I'm off to have a look at one tomorrow.

    I'm just after a bit of advice really - what are the main things to look out for on a bike of 2001 vintage? Does anyone know of a decent buyers guide anywhere on the tinterweb? The bike in question has done 18,000 miles, looks to be in reasonable nick but has been sorn'ed for the last 2 years or so.

    Any advice gratefully recieved!

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    the only buyers guide you need is the guys on here do a search for all the wiring mods sprags starting procedure etc mate

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    hi mate you better take a mould of your face before you buy the mille mate so the surgeons can have something to work from when they need to reconstruct your face ,as thats the only way you can get the big grin removed is a operation and that wont be cheep
    i personally i like my grin but funerals can be tricky : ps: if it starts first time and everything works youve won a watch

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    i brought my matt black rsv mille 3 weeks ago, 17,000 miles fsh etc, since then added r&g barends, mtc trioval can. and i cant stop smiling if you like v twins or you fancy one this is the toy. i would say look for damage do a hpi check, also check the swingarm hiden by the exhaust for dings. apart from that and it starts and go's like fuk buy it

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    Did you buy that bike Frankie if not have you looked at anything else yet

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