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Thread: Fuel leak from tank vent

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    Fuel leak from tank vent

    Hey folks,

    Currently building this track bike. The guy I bought it off said that the tank leaked when he filled it right to the top. So I stripped the fuel tank and inspected everything. All looked ok so put back together.

    Filled the tank up and started the bike for the first time after the rebuild. Checked for leaks and all was good. Next day came back to the garage and tank is leaking from the vent pipe. I have taken the filler cap off and found the vent hole under the filler cap. THis is definately the vent pipe and not the overflow drain. I understand that the vent is to relieve pressure built up inside the tank.

    When I blow through the bottom of the vent pipe and put my finger over the hole the pressure builds until eventually the pressure is relieved inside the tank and I can hear what I think is bubbles inside the tank.

    Is this normal?

    I'm thinking another strip is in order any other ideas?

    One other thing I did was prime the pump 3 or 4 times before starting the bike for the first time cos I thought this was a good idea.

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    had the same trouble with my 05, i now leave half inch from top & alls well

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    had the same problem on my 99 mille. the breather/overflow pipes inside the tank go hard and split, reall easy to fix. just drain the tank, undo the fuel pump assembly and pull it out replace the pipes with some fresh hose. either use oe stuff from aprillia (prob expensive) or get some fuel resistant hose from any car place. sorry dont know what size your gonna need!

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    I forgot to say I already stripped the tank once and checked the internal pipes and they all looked good.
    Thanks for the idea though.

    Anyone else got any thoughts?

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