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Thread: Weird starting problem

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    Weird starting problem

    Try and explain this one to me:

    Bike was running and started fine.
    New tyres fitted.
    Bike started by garage to ride bike to front of garage. Engine turned off.
    I pay the bill and go to start my bike. It turns over but won't fire. It's making a bit of a noise and i start worrying about the sprag problem that i've read about on here. I then swap keys, trying the 'spare' instead of the 'usual one' (as i'd given the spare to the mechanic) and it started first time! Eh?
    I would have expected that both keys would have been identical (both are original) and that using either would make no difference.

    Anyone else had an issue like this? I;m thinking it was 'just' a glitch, either ECU or alarm...

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    I know the 04 onwards has a chip in the key, maybe one is faulty and therein lies your problem

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    keys with chips?
    a general rule is not to have more than one key near the ignition at any one time

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