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Thread: Dynojet quickshifter

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    Dynojet quickshifter

    Hi guys,

    i've bought a dynojet QS for the trackbike (and hopefully one for the road bike from Bryan!!) and am planning on fitting it this week. I have bought the shorter gear lever pushrod but am wondering about a few things...

    1- does it matter which way the QS module is fitted (ie with the wire facing front or rear)??

    2- Should the module itself be closest to the gearbox shaft or the rearsets??

    3- It's being fitted to my 2001 model Mille - does anyone have any experience with what the kill time should be set to??

    Thanks folks!!

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    Not sure about the gen 1 m8 as regards to sittu but kill time on my 05 is .70ms if any help
    & works greeeeeat!

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    Shane you should be an expert at fitting these thing by now lol ,Andi as Shane says id have to have a look at the rear sets and gear change setup to be able to give you any advice..oh and i waved goodbye to april my ape today with a tear in my eye only for the bike am buying to fuck up before i even got it in the van lucky bastard me,the thing only has 980 miles on it and because its spent lots of time just sittin the battery is fucked so all the way to carlise and my old bike started first time and the new one didnt that shit only happens to me. so long story short its going in to the triumph dealer doon there to have the whole charging system checked oot so role on next week ,oh and the thing is the fuckin nuts by the way its still got the original tyres that still have the wee rubber nipples on it its only done 480 miles since its been run in who buys a bike like that and doesnt ride it fanny.......

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