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Thread: Brembo brake discs!!

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    Brembo brake discs!!

    Hi all

    I was wondering, how many miles should I expect to get from a set of brembo discs on my Mille??
    They are above the minimum thickness!!

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    Depends totally on how hard you are on them .... Track days can shorten their life by alot as can not keeping them clean & free moving on the carryer buttons . Cooked my stock rotors after 6 months of abuse then changed them out with a set of Braking wave rotors & have never looked back ..

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    as said depends on how you treat them
    what pads you use
    keeping your calipers well serviced

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    keeping your calipers well serviced
    especially this, same with any bike though.

    They can last up to 20k, but they can last a lot less. For reasonably priced replacements try motorsport aprilia in wareham.

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