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    Having searched the site I don't seem to be able to find a definative answer and its getting a bit mind boggling now.

    I am in the middle of grafting the Mille back end on to my Falco and am getting in a twist with the number of different rear plastics available. Could someone set me straight?

    I have bought the rear plastics from a 2003 Tuono which is the 1 piece unit but still need a riders seat and either a pillion seat or preferably a cowl.

    What do I need to be looking for?

    Thanks in advance.

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    hiya fella!!

    the answer to yuour question is that you can use 03 mille only -04 and 05 tuono ....all these will fit .

    The tuono pillion seat is slightly diff to the lille one!!

    BTW ive got a SH pllion seat in stock if your interested??

    let me know


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    Thanks Griff. I will give you a ring when I get half a chance.

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