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Thread: Sticker Removal - Polishing Satin Finish Paint???

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    Sticker Removal - Polishing Satin Finish Paint???


    I'm looking at removing a couple of the stickers from my '02 RSV that have already started peeling off but the paint underneath is obviously a different shade. Any idea's on whether the black satin finish paint on a '02 RSV can be restored to match the colour under the stickers??

    Can I use a cutting polish like t-cut??

    Any feedback would be welcome.

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    I'm pretty sure you can't, no. Mate of mine tried something similar on his after he removed a sticker and after applying the T-Cut he ended up with an area that was very glossy and shiny rather than a matt finish. Stood out a mile when you looked at it.

    Some folk say WD-40 is a good method of keeping the matt finish in good condition. Hopefully someone who owns a matt finish RSV can chuck their opinion in though.

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    I would agree unfortunately. I took all the stickers off my 01' Blue RSV and fortunately you can't tell. My suggestion would be to either paint the bike or go the cheap oem route and get some new decals.

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    when i de-stickered mine i found the paint under the stickers had less shine than the rest, i did wonder if the bike had been lacquered after the OE decals had been put on

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