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Thread: Problem clutch

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    Problem clutch

    Hi been a while but am back on here with yet another prob for some to sovle . I ve got an o7 rsv but am having probs trying to select nuetral after the bike s been running a while having to switch it off and selectint n at traffic light s and the likes anybody else had this prob , cheer s for any advice on this

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    have you tried bleeding the clutch and/or replacing the fluid?

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    Crack the top bleeder valve & squeeze out the air thats probably sitting in the line. I found I need to do it once a month or whenever neutral gets hard to find...

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    If you constantly keep having to bleed,like i had to it could be getting air in from the master cylinder on the bars ktm do a kit for replacing the whole bit for around 50 notes but ive lost the part numbers,you have to go to ktm because aprilia wouldn't sign a waiver from brembo or something like that .....

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