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Thread: RSVR Factory 06 clocks?

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    RSVR Factory 06 clocks?

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum as I have purchased the titled bike to use as a track bike (ride a gixxer 750 for track days at the Mo and fancy trying a good twin setup). The bike was cosmetically damaged and has had the clocks damaged beyond repair, my question is do I need to buy a new clock from the dealer or can I replace them with a set from a similar year bike (ecu programming/immobiliser issues?). Does the immobiliser run from the ecu or clocks on this model? Will a set of clocks from an 07 Tuono run the bike? What's the difference between the Tuone and RSVR clocks (connections etc?).
    I ride an 07 Tuono on the road so know my way around that model, but the factory RSVR will be new to me. Initially I need to ensure the bike fires up OK before I go further with expense.

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    Hi m8 had dodgy clocks on my 05 rsvr and its a straight swap no imob issues but try and buy 06 onwards clocks as previous had a few niggles got to be one of the easist things to change m8, the tuono clocks won't work tuono imob works through clocks so either rsvr or factory,youll need your lap timer anyway m8 i dont think tuono had one might be wrong tho.......good luck mines used to love a track....

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    Cheers for that info, I'm not too bothered about the lap timer as I use a bluetooth transponder which uploads to my iPhone and at most of the decent tracks they have beacons at set sections of the circuit so you can see where you are quicker or slower by looking at the splits and improve (them there satellites are useful sometimes!!). I'll keep my eyes open for some >06 clocks, they seem to fetch twice the price of the Tuono's and yet similar electronics? Maybe Tuono riders don't have as many accidents?? Ha Ha

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