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Thread: pillion seat for wife

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    pillion seat for wife

    hi folks

    Ive just bought my first rsv and very impressed to say the least!!
    Can anyone give me some info on a comfy pillion seat for my good lady wife?
    I looked at touno one but not sure if it would fit?
    any info will be gladly received
    thanks in advance


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    Hi m8, what year is your RSV?. There are subtle differences between the model years and the pillion seats. A quick guide is that 1998 - 2000 RSV's need a particular seat and anything after 2000 wont fit that model. 2001 on to 2002 seats will fit only those models and the 2003 had a different rear light, seat hump set up again so the rear pillion seat will only fit those as well. The seats are not interchangeable between models. Tuono rear seats follow the same pattern as the rear of a Tuono is essentially identical to the corresponding model year RSV Mille.

    Of course, if you have a 2004 onwards RSV then there are also differences there I believe.

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    hi there,
    thanks for getting back to me!
    my bikes 07 bol d'or replica


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    2nd Gen ones are all the same upto 2008 then there are differences but to be honest i don't think the seat is one,anyhoo just give her money for the bus or tell her where your going and to take the car, much more fun for you m8

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