Hi guys,

My RSV Tuono 2003 just switched off when I was doing 130 kmph. Impossible to start it again. No DIAG errors. When Im' trying to start it - it cranks but I don't hear fuel pump priming.
What is done:
- sidestand switch sensor - pur 2 cables together to simulate his presence
- fall sensor- disonnected
- 30a fuses under the saddle - OK
- engine shut off & fuel pump relays (according to manual) -OK
-tried to mesure voltage on white connector (right side under the sadlle) going to fuel pump - 0volts
When I connect the fuel pump directly to the battery I hear the fuel pump priming.
So apparently the problem is somewhere between relay and this connector.
I tried to mesure the voltage I get on white connectors going to relays and I got 11,6 volts for one of them and 0 for other one.

Can somebody point out what exactly are the cables I should check on this connectors ?