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Thread: Spare Key

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    Spare Key

    Just for your info, I recently bought a Mille and unfortunately it only had one key, and was told by the seller that i would need to buy a blank from Aprilia at god knows what cost, 's probably, and then get it cut to my original, however, i went into Timpsons today to get a pair of boots fixed and thought i would ask just on the off-chance, HEY PRESTO!, they cut me one there and then for 8.00 and it works perfectly, so if you're putting off getting a spare cut because of the cost of a blank at main dealers, get yourself along to Timpsons, sorted.

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    Nice one Fogg. I always keep 3 keys. 1 to use, 1 to keep in the house and 1 to hide on the bike somewhere just in case, especially if I go abroad on the bike

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