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Thread: Starting problems, Relay Solanoid Alternator??? New Here help please!!!

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    Starting problems, Relay Solanoid Alternator??? New Here help please!!!

    Hey People,

    Just brought myself an nice lil RSV Mille shes a 1999 plate, black n silver very very nice I must say!! Picked her up last week over in lovely essex, starting riding her back loving every minute amazing power, so grunty and beasty compared to old R6 anway back to the problem, came back over the water and she started spluttering, pulled up on hard shoulder and she died, no start nothing......shit im thinking only just picked her up havent even got bloody home yet! As pressing the starter button just a clicking sound coming from under the seat where the battery is, great!! Battery knackered Im thinking..... tried bumping her no chance! Try to start her again, just clicking. So the RAC man gets a phone call, 25 mins later he turn up (pretty good time for the RAC to be fair), tell him and show him whats the problem the clicking noise etc, so he charges me up for around another 10 miles he says, off we go.... pull over again turn her off and plug her in again and that should be enough to get you home, puts on his volt meter thing and (as you probaly tell im not really mechanically minded) he says and on the report writes:

    Alernator no output / Battery batt OCV only
    Fuses 2 x 30 @ Battery OK
    Fuses 5x50 OK
    Maybe Reg / Rec

    Got her back home another 15 odd miles away from where I charged her, thought I would give her a try expecting her not to start but she did! So I thought I would pop over to my mates about 7 miles away and give her a showing off gotta be done!! Got there no problem, started her twice in around 5 hours while I was there and then rode her home again. The Next morning expecting her to die she started up, moved her out and gave her a good clean, started her back again to move back inside. Then I thought maybe the RAC diagnosis wasnt right as shes still starting no problem, not lazy or hard to start so I thought I would take her out to HG near me 3 mile probaly, she started fine no problems, got to HG went to leave the cflicking noise is back!!!!! So the bike garage had to come and pick her up.

    She still at the bike garage and they are saying it the generator that knackered...... 350 odd notes great!! I havent even managed to have proper rip on her yet!!

    I just wanted your views and thoughts on the matter because I searched for generator problems / issues and it doesnt seem to be a common problem like the relays, solanoid and batteries are, and I do not really want to paying for an alternator if its not the issues.

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    Most common faults are battery, solenoid, rectifier and sprag clutch. I uprated my battery to a 14 from standard 12 much better turn over. Worth checking the voltage output yourself and if needs new alt/gen then ask around for 2nd hand buddy. alot of people brake perfectly good bikes as you get more for them in parts.

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