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Thread: Pro's and con's

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    Pro's and con's

    Looking to purchase a 2002 RSV Mille, can anybody tell me the things I should be looking out for on these things, it has just under 80,000 km's on the clock.

    any info would be appreciated...cheers

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    Mainly service history ... as if none you could be buying a lemon with alot of money to spend on it . I service customers bike with 115,000ks on them & they still do over 240ks but I keep them well tuned & looked after .... Headset bearings / front & rear disc's , chain spockets etc should be checked as if original they will be be needing replacing , if not already done . Take for a ride & check for any transmission vibrations & clutch slipage ... Take a side pannel off & see the condition of the engine this will give you some idea if being serviced & looked after , Most motors if had their shims checked will have the front gaskets leaking slightly not a biggy to sort most do this ... Ask if it has had any charging trouble & if so has the Reg/Rec had the wiring modified to correct this ...

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    as has been said, at that milage its the cycle parts not the motor that will need attention, I did over 65k miles on mine no probs, step away if it dosent start smooth or has no service history.
    Most of the mille troubles are electrical gremlins..and the dreaded sprag clutch.
    The motors are ace..but they are Austrian after all!!!

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