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Thread: Oil Tank Split Leak

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    Oil Tank Split Leak

    Hi yeah so im back again, i know i know.. i only show up when i have a problem

    So as is customary with the cursed bike.. MOT & Tax time comes around, and not long after a thorough servicing, a ton of crap goes wrong!

    Tip sensor continues to take the biscuit no matter where or how i mount it, second speed sensor in a year has just started screwing up to.

    But the king of my recent issues, an oil leak.
    A slow one i will admit but as you may imagine having it leave a nice puddle of oil, or just drips continually, right where the back tyre goes.. not very nice!

    Because of how the oil ran down and settled i wrongly assumed the crush washer on the drain bolt was to blame, but after proper investigation i just found out there is infact a split in the tank itself... F@~% B$'#... you get the idea, worst case scenario again.

    anyway a TL;DR for those who want to help but dont want to read:

    Any good ideas to seal a very small crack in the main body of the oil tank, its not visible but is weeping oil very slowly.

    Temporary fix was plaster the bugger with hot melt glue, yes, i now realise its probably stupid as the oil tank will get hot..

    Is there any feasible ways to fix this tank or am i just going to have to bite the bullet and spend 100s on a replacement

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    What year is your bike fella? Seem to remember there was a warranty recall for just that issue on early Gen 2 models. If that's one of yours you may find an obliging dealer to carry it out gratis?

    Tanks aren't that expensive, sold one recently for 23 on Ebay


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    bike is an 05 model, will have to rummage around the net see if i can find some info on a recall, thanks for the tip

    at the moment im liking the glue/sealant idea the most because prices to replace take the ... cheapest on ebay is 60 and it looks like it would leak like a siv all rusted and bashed up.. for a half decent looking used one its 100

    for a plus, just ran the bike up to normal temps and the hot melt showed no signs of getting hot enough to melt again.
    it also proved how badly broken my speed sensor is.. 106mph without even getting on the bike and putting it in gear, they would probably ticket me for that if i wasnt on private property :P

    suspect i will try and get hold of some stronger glue stuff for a better seal, thanks for the advice

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