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Thread: what gearing

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    what gearing

    hey guys thanks for taking the time to read this,
    ive got a 2001 rsv with a dc rossi chip,57tbs,hooked open air box and blue flame race
    can and looking to get the modded headers very soon but just woundering what gearing
    to run as i need a new chain anyway?
    i dont mind loosing topend cuz to be fair how often does any1 get there on the road
    thanks for any help
    thanks again

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    This is a good question, I'm running the same set up including the headers so will be watching with interest.

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    well ive just gone -1f +1r so 16f 43r and its just right and you keep the same chain length with this combo .

    standard on my 03 is 17-42 but do check standard gearing as the gearing is different on early and later bikes
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    I loved running 16-44(or equiv.)on my 02, with a std chain length, itgave a nice short wheelbase and good for 166+ mph top end. Puts the revs just where you want them for fastish road work

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    16/44 is the best combo I have found for 01-03, and as CK said use standard length chain for a short wheel base.

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