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Thread: Fuel pumps

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    Fuel pumps

    Does anyone know if they changed the flange bit on the 1999 metal tanks to the 2001 plastic tanks?
    Got a plastic tank for my rebuild which has the internal lines that are moulded to the tank itself. But the fuel pump i have is for the internal rubber hoses which connect to the pump flange thingy itself.
    So yeah, need to know what fuel pump i'm gonna need to get for it.

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    Pretty sure the pumps themselves are the same for both steel and plastic tanks. Just that the drain holes on the pump are blanked off on the ones in the plastic tanks.

    So, blank off the holes and you're in business with the pump you have already got ;-)



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    Thanks for the reply. Did a quick search via google images as i didn't know what to search for. Managed to find it though.
    Thought they would have changed the flange when they changed the design of the tank?
    And what's the best way of blocking off the holes?

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