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Thread: Picking up a 2004 RSVR

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    Picking up a 2004 RSVR

    Hi All,

    I'm new here ... so, Hello! ...

    I'm picking up a 2004 RSVR this Sunday and have a few questions.

    It has some Devil high level cans and a PCIII installed but I'm pretty sure the previous owner hasn't had it flicked to stage 2 on the ECU. Is there any easy way to find out?

    Apparently the PCIII has made quite a difference he said? Though if it's still on 1, surly the o2 sensor is levelling it back out again, effectively rendering the PCIII redundant?

    How easy is it to get it flicked to stage 2?

    Also, the V5 states 'Factory' but it is in fact just a standard one with Sachs Shock etc, why would this be?

    I'm quite excited to be trying a V-Twin at last. Only ever had Kawasaki IL4's before (ZX6R,7R,9R x4,10R and others) so the V-Twin experience should be fun!

    She'll be my daily commuter as well as I only ride which should be interesting!

    Thanks all and hello once again to all .

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    aprilia dealer for less than 50 quid can sort map2

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