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Thread: New RSVR - what mods?

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    New RSVR - what mods?

    Hi All, just bought myself an 06 plate RSVR. Am over the moon with it but just wondered what performance mods / enhancement mods there are for me to do. The bike is standard RSVR spec, with twin carbon Akra's.

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    give us a budget.....and the guys here will happily help you long as you post pics afterward so we also get ' value-for-post' ...
    my 1st low budget mod... drop 1 tooth on front sprocket ( 16 to 15 ). and send a pic of the smile on your face as this is the best value for money mod.
    Irridium plugs.. a must have
    headlight protectors.........for riding close behind your mate and picking up stones ( skip that one...ride in front )
    cr*sh-bungs..... ( don't want to spell it out loud )

    I'll leave the rest for the other big spenders, enjoy

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    modded airbox,pc3 or v and custom map , gearing upgrades

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