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Thread: Please help!Bike cutting out

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    Please help!Bike cutting out

    Hello Gang,I have an issue with my 2008 RSV.The bike has cut out a few times,it seems to happen when I change gear.The first time was at the bottom of Bray Hill on the Isle of Man as I pulled away from the lights and changed into 2nd.There is still power to the dash with no alarms or side stand warning showing,now I am ready for it and if I pull in the clutch it will restart ok.The bike has rearsets,akrapovics and an alarm otherwise standard.Any help appreciated.Zed

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    The alarm ? If its a datatool it could be theimmobiliser?

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    Side stand switch playing up , doesnt allways light up on dash when they play up , when your changing gear your probably shaking it
    The side stand switch actually has two separate switch elements. One just controls the dash indicator light. The other controls the ignition circuit. The switch grounds one circuit or the other to enable it. Just because the dash light goes out doesn't mean the ignition is enabled. The only way to check that is to bypass the switch. The bike will not run in gear if the side stand switch does not enable the ignition.

    The neutral light switch will tell the system that the bike is in gear before the gears actually engage.

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    mine did that and it was loose earth cables

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