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Thread: side stand

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    side stand

    hi can any 1 help .. been looking for side stand for for my mille ... been told cbr 1000rr 04 to 06 spoke to guy at dk breakers he says to ask on here but thinks the zx6 g1 and g2 all so fit does any 1 no if its true thanks

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    fireblade 04-08 fits a peach!

    sometimes you may have to cut 10mm out of the leg but its rare, it kinda depends on your chassis geometry to be honest but 9 times outta 10 its a straight fit!

    never heard of the kwak sidestand thing ..sorry!

    hope this helps


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    Got a fireblade (at least I think it's a fireblade) stand here that is a direct replacement for the standard version if it's any good to you?

    Whatever it is it certainly makes the bike more stable and is a direct bolt on!

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