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Thread: I have a 2003 Aprilia Factory??? I didn't think they came out until October 2004?

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    I have a 2003 Aprilia Factory??? I didn't think they came out until October 2004?

    I recently realised that my Aprilia RSV1000R Factory which was first registered in September 2003, and came out nearly a year earlier than any other 'normal' Factory I've seen.
    I cannot find any online info on these early 'pre-production' models and was wondering if anyone on here knows anything about them and what, if any differences there are to the later, actual production models??

    Thanks guys,
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    Forget I said October 2004, I know they were about long before October, but still in 2004!!

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    its not uncommon for a model to be released later on in a year to have the following year code on it. they had some finished and ready, so sold some of the early 2004 models towards the end of 2003. mine was registered november 2003.

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    Not sure when mine was registered but it was 2003 on a 53 plate. Same bike as yours.

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    hey hey!!

    yep lads they sold them in this country from august 2003 onwards!
    there is a few little differences, one really obvious difference is the little badges on the tank that have nori haga and colin edwards names on them , they were the riders for aprilia in that year so they badged em so!
    different wiring loom, crank sensor and mappings upto around frame number 2500....ish...

    hope that squares it away!! check your frame numbers it will read ZD4RR00003s00**** the last three number will vary!

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