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Thread: Advice please guys.....

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    Advice please guys.....

    How can I Reduce the diameter of my mivv link pipe outlets!!!! Bought them from Mark (cheers bud) and they at real quality bits of kit......and we're the best match for my devil cans regards diameter.

    Long story short, the inlet to the devil cans is 54.78 and the outlet of the link pipes are as you can see its very tight!!

    Basically, I can "squeeze" the link pipe into the devil can but only about 3-4mm is actually inserted. There is an "indent" on the link pipe where the (I presume) I should be inserted to, which is approx 25mm in from the end of the link pipe......basically I want it to sit a fair bit further in to stop any mishaps!!! is best to

    A) reduce the diameter of the mivv link pipe (it's a fairly substantial pipe, in stainless)

    B) cut slots in the end and "fold" them in slightly reducing the diameter enough to fit (also reducing the flow)

    In an ideal world there would be a tool to simply shrink it as don't really want to cut slots in it but really not happy With the way there are only just connected

    Help guys!!!

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    There is a tool for flaring out the end of the can pipe. It'll be far easier and much much tidier than reducing the link pipe. We used to have one in the metalwork department at the college at which I used to lecture. A metalworker may have one but sweet talking your local college or uni may be the best bet. They do a really good and neat job. Good Luck Matey.

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    Hi Andy,
    I know it sound a bit mental but as the tolerance is small have you tried sticking the link pipe into the freezer for an hour and then try it, you never know it might just be enough especially if you can get it in 3-4mm when they are both the same temp, its a long shot but might just save you looking for tools or having to cut

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    As it happens that can work for a failing October hard drive but generally only once and only for a short time under very specific circumstances. As it also happens I think Andi has this sorted with a firm in Hixon Staffs who are going to skim the pipes .... At least that's what I think ... Andi?

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    Cheers guys, yeah, looks as though this company will be able to do it somehow!!! Dunno how but don't care!!!!

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