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Thread: Kaneg frame sliders- anyone put them on a Rsvr ?

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    Cool Kaneg frame sliders- anyone put them on a Rsvr ?

    Howdo everyone , I've had my 04 Rsvr on the road now for just 2 days and have fallen in love with it ! But I'm a bit worried coz there's no crash protection on the bike and I got it dirt cheap coz previous owner was unfortunate enough to have it fall over on the left side after the shite side stand sunk into the hot bitumen of a pub car park! Deep scratches on fairing panel and seat unit and a bent clipon,broken clutch lever were the results.Anyway I've just had delivered a pair of really good and chunky looking frame sliders I saw on eBay , made by Kaneg and very reasonably priced but they don't include fitting instructions or even a diagram or picture showing whereabouts they go!I was wondering if anyone on here has experienced these and could share their installation story,Thanks to anyone who replies.

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    Probably way to late, however I fitted a pair to my 2008 RSVR a while back. The solid aluminium mount blocks bolt to the top front engine mount, with replacement bolts. I did have to grind some of the left mount to give clearance with the alloy radiator pipe, no great hassle. You do have to cut a hole in the inner ducts on both sides (hole saw). I stuck plasticine on the inside of the duct, positioned the fairing which gave me a centre point to drill at. They look pretty tidy. Might help sum1

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