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Thread: Fairing bolts

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    Fairing bolts

    Hi guys, on my 03 Mille, I have some (I assume) original quick release screws on the main central fairing. Anyone know where I can get replacements?

    Ta very much in advance.

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    Ebay's your best bet. Look for Dzus fasteners, and normally they're selling the ones for Ducati but they all fit. Not cheap though - usually 3 or 4 quid each for shiny ones!

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    got or can get genuine ones mate.......

    bit pricey im afriad....

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    Only problem with the D ring fasteners is that the mounting holes on the Aprilia (RSV what i'm going on) are sunk, unlike the Ducati ones which have the mounting holes flush on the fairings so you can flick the D ring bit flat.
    They'll still do the job, but I find the D ring type on the RSV look untidy.

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    not only that but make sure..if ya get dzus that they are stainless not alloy (which fall to pieces)
    The oe ones are MILES better, just dont look as good

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