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Thread: Bugger!!

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    Snapped my key in Milles fuel tank, i've got a new key cut but what is the best way to remove the fuel cap to get the bit of key out, it wont open.

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    I dont think you can ... You need to be able to unlock the the cap to remove it theres a allan head bolt under the locked cap which you wont be able to get too. (Mines a 2000 they may have altered it on later models not sure)

    I would drain the tank so you dont get contamination in your fuel then drill the lock and buy a new cap..

    Someone else might have a better idea like.....

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    Unfortunately mate, you need to drill it out.

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    If the broken bit is still in the barrel can't you use the other broken bit to push down on it and gently try turning possibly with some assistance with a screwdriver as with the broken bit still in it the tumblers within should be in the right position to allow the lock just to be turned, then at least you would have it open. Just need to be carefull you don't mark paintwork if you slip.


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    also that would be my idea. + you could drill it from the bottom then so you can push the part out from the other side. the fuel cap might be usable even after the operation

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