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Thread: Which wire to cut?

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    Which wire to cut?

    G'Day Guys,
    Have a 2003 Mille R.
    Have heard that cutting a wire at the computer provides access to a better map.
    1st is this true for 2003 model?
    2nd Which wire should I attack

    Appreciate some help.

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    Hi Guz, there is a thread somewhere on here with some pictures of which wire to cut but I'm not sure if thats for all models or just the older ones. If you do a search you should find it

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    yes there is threads on here with pics (put a pic on myself) would be a suprise if it has not been done already

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    If its the earlier type RSV Mille R i.e 2003 and earlier model see derestiction proceedure under title RSV1000 Mille. However it should have already been done

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